Studio shoot tips - skin impressions

Shoot tips – skin impressions

The clothes you wear to your shoot can have a big impact on the images you take with a photographer. This may seem incidental, but wearing tight clothing can leave deep impressions on your skin that may not fade in time. 

I once had a test shoot in the studio with a model who wore tight jeans to the shoot.  The impression of her jean body on her skin was so fixed that it lasted the whole shoot.  Extra time was taken in post-production trying to minimise the impression, which could have been avoided in the first place.

So remember, the clothes that you wear to a shoot can have a great impact on the final images.


Sydney Fashion Photographer


Model: Emily Doherty -

Agency: Chadwick Models -

Photographer - Matthew Elder  -


What are Test Shoots?

A “Test Shoot” is a test for the sake of portfolio building.  It gives the model and the photographer a chance to collaborate, experiment and to have fun.  It is not a paid shoot, but an opportunity for both the model and the photographer to benefit mutually.